DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL by Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

O Death, I salute you the pliable merciful herald who ushers one out and in, transiting between life and death. Seen as the end but negate breaking bodies down to become building blocks. Aches and agonies are prices being paid for life, Death is learned as it is the calm void. Life slashes are interminable… Continue reading DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL by Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

HERE I AM NOW: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

in due time, it will cum keep planting, it will come suck determination’s nipple surely, it’ll cum, with firm ripple i’ve crawled before eaten meals off the floor licked clean men’s dusty boots borne the weight of bloody brutes …here i am now!

TABLET OF TRUTH: Benjamin Elemide

TABLET OF TRUTH (Letter to my sister) Oyinlola, Money can never worth the sweetness of honey Neither can volume of sweat determine income. Honey, indeed is honour, in truth, dignity; Its sweetness subjects tongues to temporal lust, Its scarcity pockets minds with intense desires: Guard yours jealously, you won’t regret you do. Oyinlola, Time comes… Continue reading TABLET OF TRUTH: Benjamin Elemide


Will it rain soon? Did the trumpet sound? Will those flower bloom? Did the contract stand? From six feet below the ground Surely, those questions are not grand Days ago they would; When above she stood She didn’t live while she was bloke Or dream while she’ll wake Now,ever dreaming with no hope Dancing on… Continue reading SIX FEET ABOVE