A HOUSE WITHOUT HOME (a poem by Ayeyemi Taofeek)

Where is the last path on this map? Where does it leads? The end or the beginning of endlessness? I’m exhausted cramming every escape route that leads out of this chink – a house without home – such is a life without laughter. The fleshes of the tortoiseshell-skinned beads of my rosary are now smoothened… Continue reading A HOUSE WITHOUT HOME (a poem by Ayeyemi Taofeek)

SHE IS HOPE by Esther Kalu

She takes me through her world A description words fail to capture Bruised, battered By ugly circumstances She still stays stout She ensconces her pain In the most admirable smile. Reflecting not her fears She is a star in the night of adversity. Her giggles echoes At the caress of failure In darkness she envisages… Continue reading SHE IS HOPE by Esther Kalu

BOY by Omotayo Awoyemi

Poor boy, Drowned in himself; In a lake of something familiar, he Drowned in hormones. A few strings to his thing, and Nightlong spell of Venus, He’s fit to swim, but he, Egret! All-white soul, didn’t know That his regret was with Margret In her downside pouch, So they held hands, locked jaws, and He… Continue reading BOY by Omotayo Awoyemi