How can we score goals On turfs devoid of posts? They shift the unseen goal posts Making targeting unrealistic Yesterday, they brought this policy Backed with a seductive premium; The rots, the decays The comatose Failing of our infrastructures Epileptic power that blinks Like a million candlestick in the wind What about our morgue-hospitals Awful,… Continue reading FAILED PROMISES


The anthem reverberates in our head, That we are the leaders of tomorrow. So young and naive, like morons, We waited for the day of manifestation. Alas, they only camouflaged to rule And we marched to their sweet verse, “The leaders of tomorrow”, But tomorrow never comes! We stood by and watched them, Shadowed by… Continue reading THE ANTHEM

STUCK IN MUD (on a people’s plight)

The wind of disorder is blowing, Slowing us down! The dark clouds have eclipsed the sun, Rendering the future bleak! There is no light, no hope, And even the birds gaze mutely! I looked and saw the disgruntled people Wailing and cursing. They were stuck in mud! Helpless and distressed in the mud of corruption,… Continue reading STUCK IN MUD (on a people’s plight)

WINKING IN THE DARK (of life and politics)

I. Blinded by their greed, They plundered their land Until it became smelly debris…! Loud echoes resound from a long dead present, Mocking voices reverberate in prejudiced mockery, …All crying to high, voidless ears. Children shiver from the corrupt coughs Of their house heads, While neighbors laugh at their macabre world! II. Beat me! Gag… Continue reading WINKING IN THE DARK (of life and politics)