SILENT VOICES (AN ORPHAN’S CRY): Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Silent Voices (An Orphan’s Cry) I know the feeling that Juvenile felt When deserted beneath an isolated tree, Do you know that feeling? The fear that gripped souls of those down-casted girls Waking up beneath miserable clouds. Do you know that feeling? The one which made me steal a bread from murderers When my stomach… Continue reading SILENT VOICES (AN ORPHAN’S CRY): Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun


Give! Don’t allow to be used In giving men have obtained pleasant results that act as a catalyst to their life pursuit transforming them from bitter to better Love! Flinch from being abused lest you get misused for in love, men have been blessed and made better, not bitter So loving and giving are trite… Continue reading GIVING AND LOVING


True beauty comes from within Exhibiting the warm kindness That keeps a faint heart beating Giving a radiant smile,deep from the heart Friends and strangers alike,to all earthlings on earth Pretty dust covered with gold Within: dirt, though covering is strong and bold But hearts whose worth are gold dust You’ll find only when you’re… Continue reading CHARACTER


hungry hand pleaded pleas went unheeded rich mouth hisses emptying filled dishes hungry hand armed rich mouth harmed body, soul asunder grave claims another! a poem titled *Read the full poeticle here: HUMANITY BEFORE ANY OTHER THING… Written by: KIS


Their empty palms wait a token, Their tear-filled eyes bore, They beg – in voice broken… … Tell me; why do they clench – These ten fingers of yours, Offended by the stench? Say it; why do they turn – These twin eyes of yours, Restless and full of scorn?


To the crying child with empty bowels, For the roaming hopeless african son, I sing. Fearless; we will walk up hope’s mountain hand in hand, Trusting that the rain will fall again. Though today’s skies may bear no stars And it seems tomorrow has already got ugly scars, Oh africa’s son ! The morning dew… Continue reading VAL-HELP-TINE