AJAYI ADETOLA by Victor Igiri

Your night came as whirlwind sweeping the tides to thorns and misery. For love, you became unioned in a scandal whose hero jailed truth for white lies.   Kirikiri unfleshed your dreams, dreams fractured by crucified Sikiru, ‘SARS’ bound, and your days, five years a slave, and two preys planted your sun in grave darkness… Continue reading AJAYI ADETOLA by Victor Igiri

PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

About 17 thousand of us were taken Only seven of us survived The torture I was only a local mechanic But I was asked about my connections with the CIA And the KGB Of course I didn’t know these I panicked I told them anything I could think of All the while in prison I… Continue reading PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

The chants they chant for justice, for equity, Their daily iniquity makes me seek till I fall sick Like little water into mighty baskets, the end is indeed the casket. Enough of this noise Justice or just tease Peace or just piss Madness is not radicalism. After Madiba, injured tease still speak xenophobically. In land… Continue reading BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole


Unhindered, Walls fall and crash Like rain down the drain. With in-built gain in pain, We fumble in brightness… Every stain bearing a shine. Hope, Worn in robes-borrowed, Comes like the gain in every rain Clearly seen without a pain. As crash-to-crash roll, Nuts dump for period cracks. Enamoured with weighty cranes, Pain wins deep… Continue reading ARMOUR OF STEEL


we stood innocently in foursomes suddenly our men in dark uniform seized the road phantomic eyes that inquired our uncriminal direction two battered, buttered, flashy fellows followed besides in agony and pains hesitantly a confused finger pointed at us saying, ‘they’re the ones who beat us!’ our probing eyes met at one resolution sharply guns’… Continue reading …IN THEIR COUNTRY?


The anathemas came with some sinful acumen to maim the assiduous citizens of their belongings… But there was no approbations to welcome the hapless visitors; only the cacophony of wrath and repercussions to reward their toils. Judgement day is come! So let both the sowers and the harvest-bands settle some deleterious scores… Some constitutions must… Continue reading JUNGLE JUSTICE


Pounded words Molded on threat pistol Slippery on many ultraism Its fundamental human right Only loyalty reveals right Like man-know-man Too much talk is too many repercussion Elaboratively Dem rait am ‘Fundamental Human Right’ To get full right Is totally reporting pocket size