PASSENGERS, TRAVELLERS by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu

Every passengers looking nice. As we travel by the way There were rights and wrongs response Every passengers with a choice We are journeying; going. The paunchy-Tommy man in the front, We thought had a bursted tyre With his ride. In his whistling, we know his grieve. Every travellers with his own. The frequence sequence… Continue reading PASSENGERS, TRAVELLERS by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu


Don’t stumble before you tremble But tremble at those things That can make thee stumble. For they that stumble Before trembling have not That love that guards hearts Guard thee thy Heart And tremble in those things That may stumble thee For it is only then His love will guard Thy mortal soul from stumbling… Continue reading GUARD THEE THY HEART


Where are those glorious days? The beautiful angels, been called? Where is that spotless and amorous face? Nowhere to be seen. Useless! It’s like a beautiful flower That blossoms in the morning, And withers away in the evening, Trampled upon at night. Useless! It is all useless! The beautiful body, so enticing, It’s now wilting… Continue reading VANITY!


Have you walked that lonely path? The empty path to blissful world, To glorious end at a common price. Have you? Walked that lonely road? Those open arms of paradise, Ignored by all for phony peace. Have you walked that lonely road? The empty path…to blissful world. If you have not pick courage follow me,… Continue reading THE LONELY PATH

3 CINQUANS (in memory of Fr. Albert Jungers)

#1. FR. ALBERT JUNGERS Father Albert Jungers Remains a hero, I will always cherish Him #2. FR. ALBERT JUNGERS Poet Simple, humble Guiding, tutoring, mentoring He was a reputable Wordsmith #3. TEARDROPS Teardrops Borne out of pain And the thoughts of missing A muse from whose inspirations I write *Fr. Albert Jungers taught me the… Continue reading 3 CINQUANS (in memory of Fr. Albert Jungers)


It’s all so wrong Condemnation of the mind So I’m scribbling this letter To make it all better These words might sound sad Like goodbye forever But they‘re only meant to bring you blessings Think of me from now wherever you are Don’t cry, but laugh in hope, son, ‘Cause hope is all we have… Continue reading SON’S SONG SUNG