PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri

Throw JOS some black lit candles. Again we write more chapters in our ‘book of bloods’ with the narratives, an heritage for distant tongues to tell whose skins are unpeeled by cowry demons, but bruised as Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Kaduna, Zamfara,… and more to come. I hear that there is no justice in the… Continue reading PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri

JOS, THE CITY OF ROCKS: by Eseohe Pearl Ebhota

Looking for nature at its best? Come to the city of rocks Feel its soothing breeze As it caresses your skin Nestled between hills It gives beautiful scenery The sound of her waterfalls Reminds me of the Victoria Falls Its lush vegetation With a temperate weather Friendly people Make you feel at home This is… Continue reading JOS, THE CITY OF ROCKS: by Eseohe Pearl Ebhota


Vomit your silence Into a bucket full of tears Tears for sons Suns who presently absent Once shined the dreams of their mothers. Mothered by now murdered mothers, These girls are now mothering bastards Breast-feeding by genetic compulsion The stained innocence born of violent sowing. I will not discuss you, bookman And tell how your… Continue reading STRUGGLING WITH THE PEN


Kaduna is not too far from Niger, knobby trees and rotund reefs bind them. Kaduna is not far from Abuja at all, a beauteous shuttle on vitreous miles. But the road to Jos is an ancient path, traceable to the throne, which God planned to craft but Devil resolved to mar: God being a connoisseur,… Continue reading THE ROAD TO JOS


I knew you back in the day; You were a haven for tourists The nation’s epitome of beauty The celebration of culture and values, And did all not love you? Who touched the tiger’s tail? That You now boil like lava!? Mothers search for suckling children, Fathers seek abducted daughters; All live in fear, danger… Continue reading JOSTIFIED


Sky turns dull swiftly, stars fade into bleak space, wind airs arid breeze, nature, despondent, cries. Ache sweeps me off joy and happiness resents even my sight. Forlorn in this stormy conflict, I long for showers of delight. Lost on the path of love I prowl among victims seeking sanctuary. My heart weeps in despair… Continue reading SILENCE OF THE SOUL