THE RACE BEGINS AGAIN: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

They have come again to the tracks; Familiar faces awaiting the pistol crack And he that gets there first Shall soon have a puffed up chest. See, now they are humble and meek For the license to rape they seek. But the rules and the prizes are theirs; All that we have is hope and… Continue reading THE RACE BEGINS AGAIN: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


without the comfort of a shoe he came as the missing clue — less one reason to worry “O, crown him! Hurry!” this fishing jonathan can’t kill a spartan! his land lies shekaued covered in iboric shroud pdp-ed and apc-ed at wheel in reverse goes the nations will if one good turn deserves another a… Continue reading 57 BIRTHDAY SHOES FOR JOLLY JO


“Until now, getting you was difficult It was like seeing an eagle strolling on the street Despite the hundreds of letters we sent to your desk Are you really the people’s choice?” “Definitely yes, I must say I’m very easy to come by and I know their needs For that, they voted me into power… Continue reading THE INTERVIEW


I. My heart bleeds… Remembering the second-to-none standards of gone days Of studying without encumbering thoughts of discontinuation These days the fettle of education system sends shivers down my spine As I looked over my shoulder… A vestige of the thoughts once we had…Better, beyond comparison with today Students want aspirations to maximize their ‘EDU’… Continue reading ODE TO EDUCATION