DISTORTION by Gbalajobi Adejuwon

What! The divergence of thoughts and speech The immodesty of promiscuous words, And then our hearts an helpless Pilate, Releasing Barnabas, at the expense of the Just. Man’s unholy devotion, the revelation of his beastly passion, professing love just to break her walls, and lay his hands on her towers. Isn’t this a distortion on… Continue reading DISTORTION by Gbalajobi Adejuwon

RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

Rabbi the Great Teacher sent from heaven We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance Complacent and filled with self But now like reptiles we crawl to thee On bended kness and misty eyes Acknowledging our metalic granite hearts We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance Strolled away from your omniscience and potent path With the… Continue reading RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

IT WAS NOT EASY by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Judas had gave the detached troop a sign, that whoever he kiss Is the Jesus, And immediately they have Him cease, He whom Judas with a kiss endorse. Herod treated Him with contempt, Though nothing worthy of death has He done, All the people’s wants is His death; They all laugh Him to scorn. The… Continue reading IT WAS NOT EASY by Osoba Taiwo Peter

HAIL, KING OF THE JEWS! by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo

Hail, king of the Jews! A crown of hawthorns on’s head, Offer him more bitzered wine from yews; Poor Nazerene, come do that thou said, To destroy this temple, made by man In three days, build a new not by man Hail, king of the Jews! He wails, ELoi, Eloi, Lama sabachthani! For shepherd’s beheaded,… Continue reading HAIL, KING OF THE JEWS! by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo


Unto us a perfect soul was born… To sacrifice life for a perfect criminal To save a woman with tainted, condemned hue To turn the mass of her crimes to virtue To be the best friend of the killer To believe in the words of the liar To be the passionate of the wicked To… Continue reading FOR US


Before his annunciation Harked heralds Of sleepy cherubs We recite the idlib Muttering faith In the triune Before the declaration Of the mystery of faith His August visit And April exit We chew the chaplet Of his sorrowful passion I see his star Stationed afar In the east Illuminating our paths In the abyss of… Continue reading I SEE HIS STAR