Behold, their was a great earthquake For an angel of the Lord descend from heaven The soldier on guard with trembling shake They were all fear driven The angel rolled back the stone and sat on it His countenance was like lightning The soldiers on guard immediately lost their wit They were all trembling Jesus… Continue reading THE GRAVE COULD NOT HOLD HIM by Osoba Taiwo Peter

TRUE LOVE AND GRACE by Stephen Oluwaseyi

What do people say of true love? Heartfelt, greatly uncontrolled Like a drunkard Passion flow from heart’s hollow Like a river flow Love at sight Response to beauty Who can identify love? Like swimming through endless sea of shadow image So deep as an ocean More of colours than Chameleon Like a drifting canon on… Continue reading TRUE LOVE AND GRACE by Stephen Oluwaseyi


Diagnosis shows leukemia Oops! That’s a killer How long do I count? Or will I a cure get? No, not a cure Just transfusion To keep you going O- is my blood group SC my genotype Who’ll be my donor? I don’t just know! That’s a difficult one! There’s no match here Go find a… Continue reading BLOOD DONOR


Laja, the gods-man mediator Singing birds hymn his praise Neighboring men “can’t trace his race” Yet he dwells amongst them The lion’s roar is intrepidity Virgins testify his sanctity Laja! The gods-man mediator Running waters tell of his innocence Innocent but full in sense Full in sense and takes no nonsense A Man between man… Continue reading LAJA


When the greatest gift was given To the worst offenders The best treasure offered unconditionally To the worst ingrates As diamond mingled with clay The celestial married the terrestial Divinity took flesh The Desire of the ages arrived


Like rays of the ascending sun That through Night’s teeming darkness spears, So shines Christ’s love on everyone, Ignoring our sinful wears. Approach, sinner, do not despair, Only follow the light of God. Onward, climb the Salvation stair And then by His graces be awed. Come all races, kingdoms and tribes, Cast off sin’s inglorious… Continue reading INVITATION


I was affixed by His right, on a tree. The Crucifixion was allotted for three. There, I gazed upon His eyes And knew He was crucified based on a lie. I was crucified on His left. This death bed, I detest. So, in rage I mocked Him Who they called The King of the Jews.… Continue reading MY LAST CHANCE