Weakness is not my thing, it’s everyone’s When i set foot on this pedestal That voice requested confirmation I offered it in 100 folds on a golden plate Check my heartbeat, I wish i knew what that meant. It’s almost impossible for you to believe A leaf on a bee is something i seldom see… Continue reading CRAY


Lost in the wind her soul was bound. She wore a garment of rags, whispering to the clouds, tugging her dirty sacks, like the mad woman she is! Roasted by the sun, bathed by the rain, she roamed about the market square.. Smiling to every heart ashamed to smile back to her. Written by: Moses… Continue reading IN THE MARKET SQUARE


Maybe Music has been the cord Binding us to our past Maybe It has ruled as a Lord Casting our devils aside We do hereby pronounce Death and dearth To all insane dance steps And lame, limping, lyrics Bare breasted chicks and tattooed hunks Lines upon lines of repeated gibberish Mediocre language and brainless themes… Continue reading MUSIC UNCHAINED


He worried not about clothes Shoes or chains of gold Not bothered about setting goals Or storing up cash in treasure troves He pays no rent; The sky is the roof over his head, The cold wind his blanket, Under the bridge, his apartment. His feet take him where cars can; So he bothers not,… Continue reading THE SANITY IN MY INSANITY