BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

The chants they chant for justice, for equity, Their daily iniquity makes me seek till I fall sick Like little water into mighty baskets, the end is indeed the casket. Enough of this noise Justice or just tease Peace or just piss Madness is not radicalism. After Madiba, injured tease still speak xenophobically. In land… Continue reading BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

CRIES FROM SOWETO: by Ayodeji A. Adeyemi

Cries from Soweto Ashes to ashes dust to dust when shall we stop ubieting our bald sons? or when shall we cease nursing our uglified rape victims? songs of sorrow has escaped our bruised lips the nation’s dirge sobs strong with salty fluids from heavy eyes cries became our antiphon before the open earth we… Continue reading CRIES FROM SOWETO: by Ayodeji A. Adeyemi


we stood innocently in foursomes suddenly our men in dark uniform seized the road phantomic eyes that inquired our uncriminal direction two battered, buttered, flashy fellows followed besides in agony and pains hesitantly a confused finger pointed at us saying, ‘they’re the ones who beat us!’ our probing eyes met at one resolution sharply guns’… Continue reading …IN THEIR COUNTRY?


(You may waste not your wages Writing the story) The vista of those gory ordeals Is mounted on our memories The charred chests of mothers’ sons The battered beauty of fathers’ loves Our retinas retain The rusts of dangling duralumin sheets The foray of flames flying in the air The shipment of homes on flood-street… Continue reading SNAPSHOTS OF SORROWED SIGHTS