Sullen expressions upheld by facial muscles Of heroes past Zik, Awo, Tafa and their brethren under one communion Unhappy in their colonity* Rose with a vengeance To agitate and initiate A mighty movement Reminisce then on Broken spirits and bloodied struggles All enacted in a bid for liberty Obtained on 1st October 1960 An independence… Continue reading A NEW INDEPENDENCE by Jesse Asonze

BEFORE 1960’s by Isoboye Danagogo

Before 1960’s • There was a country Like fields with grasses. We had bodied men with beards and brains; Wisdom of grey hairs. Our schools was certificated with pure degrees. Our hospitals treated malaria without going to Malaysia. • 1960s was the sixties we had workers that worked. We had employments, Taxes built our roads.… Continue reading BEFORE 1960’s by Isoboye Danagogo


Taking a stroll along the Niger shore Flora was a white looking Shaw Captivated by the beauty of the area She screamed with excitement-Nigeria! Habitations separated by mountain heights Divided by boundaries of flowing waters Characterised by numerous tribes An aboard of diverse cultures But these are no criteria It’s simply Nigeria Frequently heating to… Continue reading SIMPLY NIGERIA


Would you because I am your father Fail to tell me my scrotum is exposed To the menacing gaze of scorn? Would you because I give you shelter In my homestead Applaud my abuse of your daughter While you hail me in suppressed adoration? I am dazed by the mutable cowardice And hypocrisy of my… Continue reading DUMB, DOOMED