OUR ARTIFICIAL AFRICA: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

When the birds were heard rapping Stead of singing and wings flapping It was obvious some things had gone wrong And nature wouldn’t have them to its belong When Coca Cola replaced coconut Our women dress fine, somewhat Men feel more presentable in suit and tie Take every drink with a meat in pie Africa… Continue reading OUR ARTIFICIAL AFRICA: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin


In days gone, I was told None was black, none was white None was Franco, none was Anglo None chewed arrogance, none failed tolerance None brained nobility, none mocked religiosity…. We were all Sisters and brothers Young stuck to the old like bread to butter We took seats at full tables with smiles to down… Continue reading WE TOOK IN


Lions will roar me lullabies Dark nights will bring me fireflies Gazelles stride the savannah Monkey hunts for banana Kilimanjaro sits with his head in the clouds Alone, yet simply majestic Deserts, forests, savannah, swamps With mother, each one of them camps The rivers bring an all year spring Flaunting their life engagement ring The… Continue reading IN AFRICA