The binding cords are strained And each of us is much pained… Hungry locusts parade our land As divided we chose to stand Each has in anger thrown rocks Each coined words with which he mocks Each plotted the others to depose His choices, on others, to impose


And so my bags were packed, I just wanted to escape, To the most beautiful place on earth, The town with a breath-taking landscape, I sat for what seemed a millennium, The journey was long and tiring, And then it rained on my first night, Which made it all the more uninspiring, But with time… Continue reading NNEWI


Ndubuisi, since you left Our eyeballs have fallen off their sockets… Since you chose to reside in the White man’s land Our moon has turned pale Rocks fall from the skies While the rain has refused to Depart the blue cloud It is the heart’s heaviness that has Given eloquence to the tongue Ndubuisi my… Continue reading BROTHER, COME HOME


The history books will remember this noble fight. They will weave a stirring tale of stout hearts And tell of loud voices that dared to be harts When bastard bullets ruled both day and night. Shall we not tell our children’s children this tale; Of how the Collar and the Turban did walk in pair.… Continue reading COLLARS AND TURBANS

UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)

If you asked Ṣàngó to bless Okoro He would ask with rage of fire in his mouth Who is Okoro? If you asked Amadioha to go save Igbos in Kano He would ask if it’s a quarters in Nnewi If you called on the soul of Usman Dan-Fodio To help the Hausa-Fulanis living in Lagos… Continue reading UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)


Our people have all lost hope, Life’s game’s more than they can cope! The hopes of all have begun to falter: Yoruba, Hausa and their Igbo brother. But there is one thing they may have forgotten, When there’s still life, despair is nothing. So let this rhymes fire their flame For we must soldier on… Continue reading A NATION WITH NO HOPE

HOLD ON, GREAT NATION (by Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale)

Great Nation, where is your pride, For I see you have gone to hide? Your woes are no longer hidden They’ve left you shriveled and bedridden. The torch you once lit to find your way Now consumes your path leading you astray. You smile in pretence, saying all is fine But we wait to see… Continue reading HOLD ON, GREAT NATION (by Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale)