That path where we meet And weave our tongues And tickle our ears With words in gossips. That path where our voices Blare like screeching tires, Soliciting companionship Amidst the cacophony of honks In a banter of delectable conspiracies Of sinners and preachers; Of the drunk and the sober, Of the virile and the impotent,… Continue reading THE ROAD


Thoughts in times of tyranny Keep awakening my jaundiced eyes Whispering into them, the realities I never knew Thoughts! Be my castle As I take a bow into it With glittering smiles and wishes Yet, the beginning of my Manhood O! Thoughts of many colors Paint me into a favorable favor… For every night is… Continue reading THOUGHTS

THE BACHELOR (poetic ramblings)

Why should I get a wife When I can better handle, than most women, The pot and the knife? Is it for mere companionship? (That I can get from my bearded pals, Pure, emotionless, friendship!] Why worry at closing hours That someone waits to nag at home Even if I bring her flowers? … On… Continue reading THE BACHELOR (poetic ramblings)