I heard, it is called Aids but it’s doesn’t help I heard, it is the assistant of death I heard, it has no cure I heard, it controls the life of the uncultured I heard . . . It rules forever with an incessant tenure It sneaks through the pore of condom I heard… It… Continue reading I HEARD…


A cry is heard from a distance Warning all to embrace abstinence Hear the shout heard from the clouds Warning all to use their common sense It is a commandment from God Warning feet to flee from immorality Promiscuity is a game Where everyone is game It is a path down the drain of destruction… Continue reading ABSTAIN


She had the dream to be prosperous And famous To be a household name And master of the game To be a wife And give birth to husbands and wives He is a record breaker A great achiever Loved by all and sundry Known all over his country For his hospitality And generosity But her… Continue reading SPREAD THE NEWS (for World AIDS Day)


Born into poverty Orphaned by HIV/AIDS Mind tattooed with dysfunctional memories Heart hardened by lives havoc Chassis overpowered by hunger Her eyes tells a factual story… First step out of poverty Loathe her to the streets Her naive mind manipulate her into prostitution Little does she know the consequences Nine months later… She gives birth… Continue reading BORN