I live by your word Lord Equipped by your spirit Your lead is my desire Guide me till the end of time Heavens… Angels’ wings gloriously shown The majesty throne and honours Heads bow down with thunderous worship I wanna be there… My baritone voice singing ‘Hosanna!’ My eternal home at last Never will it… Continue reading HEAVENS


This life I must give back to the owner Maybe not now, maybe later My entire being will later – Sleep flesh-less to the dust of the earth But before my fingers are given away to The termites to feed on six feet below My elbow must support my hands to write Of what is… Continue reading HEAVEN AT LAST


On that twinkle second When the fatherly husband Of all sin-less souls Shall call His brides home With the whistle of rapture, O I’ll be there! I’ll be there In the crowd of them Singing the song of victory From the hymns of their hearts Oh glory! Oh glory!! I make Home at last I’ll… Continue reading I’LL BE THERE!


And I saw the Holy City Descending from God out of the skies Stunning as a bride at her wedding Wondrous in my eyes Glowing like a gem, clear like jasper Its walls were broad and high Pearly gates, streets of gold Guarded by angels whose strengths never run dry In the Holy of Holies… Continue reading REVELATIONS 21


The light is no more glowing Tremors of destruction starting to show The mirage of peace that once existed is now at an end Babies cry in the streets with no one to tend The beginning of the end… Looming darkness and destruction Foretold through the ages Of when would earth would begin to fold… Continue reading THE DREAM