This policy will be policed to be a politically political induction. Let me introduce myself, first. I am Comrade Ambassador NoWork ManChop; B.A, B.Ed, B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD, B.B.C, and of course, O level. I have been selected to preach this new policy as agreed upon by members of the dishonorable house of ASSembly. Article 1… Continue reading POLITICALLY POLITICAL POLICIES by Kujembola Oluwaseun


..and tonight again they shall return again with their vain-full brain they came last night too with words that soothe and corrupt verses – smooth they shall come tonight to stir our hope high only to jilt the future by dawn when they came last night they tell us tomorrow is ours but ‘has penury’… Continue reading 2015


What other name can I borrow greed To make it mild in the mouth? See them… Government without humanity Religion without God Business without conscience Democracy without people Election without voters The death that kills mother hen never lets its eggs hatch O! President, O! Government, what have you gained That you acquired all but… Continue reading GREED


Detestable cases of looting And incessant killing A developing nation – declining Steeply falling standard of living Ah!! My Nigeria, Where are you heading to? You’re being driven crazy! “No shaking, We dey kampe! Keep moving” Those ticks greeted the apex of servant hood Through dangerous gambles All going via our ways, steering the wheel… Continue reading BEWARE OF POLY-TRICKSTERS


Taking a stroll along the Niger shore Flora was a white looking Shaw Captivated by the beauty of the area She screamed with excitement-Nigeria! Habitations separated by mountain heights Divided by boundaries of flowing waters Characterised by numerous tribes An aboard of diverse cultures But these are no criteria It’s simply Nigeria Frequently heating to… Continue reading SIMPLY NIGERIA