BLAME IT ON THE MONEY by Emmiasky Ojex

Look at our daughters They now show no ill in laying with men old as their fathers Look at our sons Nothing is holding them back from scamming the green people with their bad brain and laptops Look at our mothers, fathers, the young men and alike; women, They now have no time for their… Continue reading BLAME IT ON THE MONEY by Emmiasky Ojex


good debt funny death hated priest adored beast it’s life… evil brother kind stranger braying monkey swinging donkey it’s life… jogging toddler blind footballer ignorant teacher thieving preacher it’s life…


Half way up Isn’t on top Walking half way from down Can’t win you the glorious crown Let heat melt you Or ice freeze your skin to blue. Staying either hot or cold is good form Better than been lukewarm. Like referees’ decider coin Choose head or tail for both can’t con-join. Not same is… Continue reading GOD OR MAMMON?


True beauty comes from within Exhibiting the warm kindness That keeps a faint heart beating Giving a radiant smile,deep from the heart Friends and strangers alike,to all earthlings on earth Pretty dust covered with gold Within: dirt, though covering is strong and bold But hearts whose worth are gold dust You’ll find only when you’re… Continue reading CHARACTER


As fishes wriggling The entirety of their slippery bodies In vast oceans, lost in the glory of waters, Instincts meander their way through to the mind In a pool of imagined sensuality With wanton desires. A longing for the temporal Poignantly stands erect In the throne-room of man’s emotions Motioning with a seemingly motionless demeanor.… Continue reading IMMINENT SENTIMENTS

THE GOOD, THE BAD by Dumejes Momalife

Is evil good? Sunlight is planted on their path ”Nemesis will catch up with them” And then, shall those the grim Haram-bombed resurrect? Will the budding breasts Gaddafi soaked in sorrow when he forcefully punctured their hymen become virgin again? ”Nemesis will catch up with them” This consolation no longer consoles.


There is an appointed place for you to be, a position that suits your personality. There is an office calling on you to man, a staff waiting for your plan. There is a homeless child with nowhere to go, except a home to him you’ll show. There is a poor youth uncertain of the future,… Continue reading SELFLESSNESS