I have seen many drovers of your kind where brisk egrets do preen and perch with twisted limbs on cattle rears in acrid fields and dreich grazing turfs. I have seen the clumped colony of your clans spreading drab tarpaulins on dung-coated veldts. Such is the pedigree of your tribe. Queer dwellers of the subconscious… Continue reading FULANI GYPSIES

UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)

If you asked Ṣàngó to bless Okoro He would ask with rage of fire in his mouth Who is Okoro? If you asked Amadioha to go save Igbos in Kano He would ask if it’s a quarters in Nnewi If you called on the soul of Usman Dan-Fodio To help the Hausa-Fulanis living in Lagos… Continue reading UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)


Sky turns dull swiftly, stars fade into bleak space, wind airs arid breeze, nature, despondent, cries. Ache sweeps me off joy and happiness resents even my sight. Forlorn in this stormy conflict, I long for showers of delight. Lost on the path of love I prowl among victims seeking sanctuary. My heart weeps in despair… Continue reading SILENCE OF THE SOUL