True beauty comes from within Exhibiting the warm kindness That keeps a faint heart beating Giving a radiant smile,deep from the heart Friends and strangers alike,to all earthlings on earth Pretty dust covered with gold Within: dirt, though covering is strong and bold But hearts whose worth are gold dust You’ll find only when you’re… Continue reading CHARACTER


“Friends” I thought are meant to watch your back And be there for you in times you lack As well lighten your path when you happen to be in the dark Like Noah did to his people on the ark? But time now has taught me lessons I needed to learn Indeed ‘not all that… Continue reading FRIENDS WITH FANGS


In this world where everybody appears as a friend and those who surround you are enemies veiled by laughter as they embark on ruinous coup. Mouths you feed in agony with grains from your sweat attempt to cut your humanitarian fingers which provides them food not laboured for. And Friends collapse image you built with… Continue reading ENEMIES


With our backs against the wall We stand to take the fall As we fight for our survival We betray one another in process Armed with qualms and swords Battles with alarms and words It’s no time to rest or trust But how do you fight one of your own?