SHAWARMA AND I (end acrostic) by Kanyinsola Olorunnisola

And so it was that I fell head over heelS, Not for a luscious soft-faced wencH, But for a white-cloaked sweetness called shawarmA, A thin bread wrap of meat, chicken and coleslaW, My God! The tomatoes, the cabbage, the aromA… Lust at first sight, it made my mouth wateR, Love at first taste, it felt… Continue reading SHAWARMA AND I (end acrostic) by Kanyinsola Olorunnisola


Here in Yorubaland I meet Ifeoma who says she is Igbo NYSC brought us both to Western Nigeria She is so African, light skinned with thick body And she has got ‘the’ shape indeed! Strong arms never tired of household chores Blessed are her meals and she smiles a lot Plus she adores me, very… Continue reading ABACHA


How can I forget your laudable love for me And your readiness to calm my riotous tum? You that has proven to be the fastest meal I know And most balanced of all foods where I’m from I dare that snake-like meal or its Italian elder brother Defeat is theirs if ever they rise in… Continue reading ODE TO GARRI


Agony dawning in his eyes Silence rivalled the absence of light Darkness crowded his room As he slunk back into the dark Regretting the lost warmth of his parents Who died of starvation Hunger leaning across his bowel A garbled moan arose in his throat Mingling with the pace of his breath His empty stomach… Continue reading NIGHT WITH NO STARS