SILENT NIGHT by Akinkunmi Morountodun

Wake up lonely In the silence of the night Fear grips my poor heart With the horrible dangers Harbored in the Silence of the Night Trees were busy waving their hands To the rythm of the silent night silent to the ear of man But noisy to the creatures of the night

MYSTERY by Morenikeji Oloye

I could have sworn that I saw a pair of eyes In the middle of the night, piercing through my louvre blades. If they were those of a monitoring demon or my guardian angel, I wouldn’t know ‘cos I could not tell.

FEAR by Saidu Mark Jatau

My doors, windows, flung open, greeted by obscure darkness. My mind ruminates around her presence, Because brightness took a long walk. The night is still not awaken yet, Nor am I wrestling with sleep to stay alive. I try to unravel the present, But was caught between darkness and fear. Now my heart-beat runs faster.… Continue reading FEAR by Saidu Mark Jatau

AFRAID by Mfon Udoudo

Short droplets in motion I see Traversing the space of the seer Truncated by gasps of air So tiny it bruised my hair Perched on the wet clouds Bonded lips stuck out in surrender I wish to fly off this mirage I wish to diffuse this burning rage Yet my wings are clipped for good… Continue reading AFRAID by Mfon Udoudo


Shall I love not the sun, the core of my being Or love not the moon and star, laden path of light Will life be fresh as dew if grasses had not been Or red be love devoid my lover’s delight Will sky boast of hue if night is not jeweled Or the heart be… Continue reading SHALL I?


Hopped into a bus to embark on a journey Sitting close to this aboki man wasn’t funny One or two passengers to complete the bus The aboki bag was looking like a box His horrible facial look Took my attention from reading my book Hardly could I describe why he was looking unrest If I… Continue reading BOMB IN A PARK


Who knows my fears? Plenty like a madman’s beards Constant in my subconscious mind ever present seeking to make me blind Who can name my fears? Names that are scarce and very rare Sweet and bitter mixed to be pleasant Yes, my fears are not borne only of the unpleasant I know my fears Hidden… Continue reading MY FEARS