Holding your finger I learnt to walk Imitating your speech I learnt to talk Whenever I was down you gave me mirth On your shoulder I felt on top of the earth I’ve fallen again, like dead leaf on the ground You were my superhero, I need you around! Whenever my body temperature did rise… Continue reading DEAR DAD


In her maiden harmattan The cold breeze whispers fiercely Upon her cradle skin; It freezes her fragile form Looking like dried tilapia, Something tiny milky like frosts Barricades her nasal doors Her pitiable running stream is Consumed by the fire of the cold Her crying lips ask a question; Capable of uprooting an ocean In… Continue reading MY HEART-BEAT


Dear brother, Mother told me that you now brag around Wearing sagging rags, calling it swags You wear women adornments. Its swank! Vagrant fool you are, seeking notice Many chant your moniker before you And spit long hisses when you turn your back Fine boy you, you chase them all Both firm and wilted breasts… Continue reading LETTER TO MY BROTHER