Lone… How the breeze wheedled a saint To an old beauty witty-charming court Where sages till tomorrow remaineth picnickers, in there thoughts When drown, a picturesque Even, though a times a cry A times a whoop Of how past tones of every merry-gone. Odious time, oh, dotes on hat a fate it’s leap Ephemeral, but…… Continue reading ODIUM OF TIME


Every man was once a Boboor, the kid who moved to ceiling from the floor Such was once a kid who lived around my neighbourhood, he was loved by his parents, and all in the ‘hood’ Every man was once a Boboor, the kid who moved to ceiling from the floor II. In primary school… Continue reading BOBO


Life is a sentence punctuated within; It ends. With Death’s sudden full stop The soul that ‘is’ becomes ‘has been’. Life is a sentence punctuated within, At points where none should be seen. No one can know who next it’ll lop. Life is a sentence. Punctuated within, It ends with Death’s sudden full stop. Written… Continue reading THE FULL STOP


Its about time of that darkened day They are again set to unfold scrolls Of wretchedness, deceit and lust Like insects that dances around street lamps What they seek, we give, our votes But what we seek, how fair have they been in giving? Must we always watch our hopes split like lips in winter?… Continue reading FATE

MAY 10

May I run faster than time? May I die before tomorrow comes? May I dream bigger than my pocket? May I wish that the wind of evil sweeps past Bringing riches to the deceased’s son from the treasures of inheritance? May I wait for the Creator? Who with His fingers formed my frame and future?… Continue reading MAY 10