Under angry sun,we stood to vote you inin scattered lanes. Lips dipped in honey bottles;you used them brilliantly,stole our heart with your liesenchanted us with deceit! Your eyes sold you to lust.Now, there’s nothing to show,after your forth year reign! But our roads are still dust filled;our throats are still parched from thirst,as we grope… Continue reading VOTER’S CURSE


The rulers’ hearts lack humanity Forecasting the future, they tell stories That leave us hoping for better days But the promises fail and we are all denied While they gather for merry making Many try to fight, but are held down By those who seat in the offices Even the strong men are silenced …… Continue reading ARE WE LIBERATED


Oh Elite! You the shining light of today Blessed with riches (yours alone you say) Life genuflects and offers you pleasantries Sauntering across Life’s witty boundaries Will you continue to stare we that eat hay? We rendered prayers We offered alms We centered passions We gathered courage How pathetic. My soul cowers! Tell me, if… Continue reading OH ELITE!