WOE! TO THE WEEDS ON FIELDS by Olajide Teniola

Woe! To the weeds on fields For their days are numbered still Woe to he weeds on fields! For they daily strive with planted seeds Their end will be without glamour For theirs s a life without glamour They hypocritically preach the “change” sermon But they are the ardent “corruption” demons Their hands are swift… Continue reading WOE! TO THE WEEDS ON FIELDS by Olajide Teniola

A PRICE FOR BREAD! by Akpoveta Akpoviri

Right goes for tiny piece of bread Brewed by thieves of twisted tongues Promises made but never to be fulfilled Forced down the throat of gullible citizens Blinded by poverty cooked by their greed for quick bread Are these ones are left with or without a choice. Not that they don’t know right from wrong… Continue reading A PRICE FOR BREAD! by Akpoveta Akpoviri

I CRY FOR THE GODS: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

I cry for the barking gods who write With illusory saliva on empty souls, But their words perish as particles of Silence hides their deceit in sepulcher of history. I cry for the mothers who warmly received doom at their backyard, Offering him kolanut and palmwine, Doom has only come to borrow your delightful smiles,… Continue reading I CRY FOR THE GODS: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun


Don’t leave politics for liars and fools Don’t leave to thieves the nation’s purse Else we have to eat their smelly stools When they’ve looted us off-course! Use your thumb Use your voice Don’t be dumb Make some noise Change must come! Written by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


Our silence is mocked By the agony of our lost hopes We are tortured in our trust Left to boil in their promise-pot Our days are drained of smiles We are watered with pensive lies As the future flutters on greedy trees We glide on, in their selfish trip Our candles are robbed of flames… Continue reading ECHOES


Our political leaders, our dictators How can they feel our pain when their children live outside the nation. So many deceitful vows they made to us making us believe they are one of us. They want power to continue in their lineage, Using all allocations to build their personal College. They vowed to fulfil all… Continue reading THE MASSES’ CRY