EARTH IS BEAUTIFUL by El Sane Ken Silencer

Darker more to the darkest of what we know dark the world is beautiful. It always shine like the chameleon that takes the beautiful colour to all eyes the world is beautiful. Shinning, like a gold that does not rust blowing some to whirl like no one turns yellow the world is beautiful.

THIRD WORLD WAR by Gideon Abowha

*Third World War* _Guun!_ _Guun!_ _Guun!_ _Lash!_ _Lash!_ _Lash!_ Children cry Militias smile Paying price Human flesh torn; lost souls Helter skelter we went. _Whuuh!_ _Whuuh!_ _Yeeh!_ _Yeeh!_ Women screamed loudly Wrappers flew off skirts World revolve in perplexity All seems like a complexity. Men cowardly pointing tommy guns We; sweating and shivering For hell… Continue reading THIRD WORLD WAR by Gideon Abowha

FOR YOU, TASMANIA by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

(For the extinct human group: Tasmania Aborigenes) I heard the geckos sing – a fairy tale As they traverse the walls of forgotten memories: Love has forgotten you, O Tasmania For you have outgrown nature This was you, Tasmania: Flower of the sun-rising – blossom inits youthful age Little periwinkle wading through the Oceans turbulence… Continue reading FOR YOU, TASMANIA by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

THE WORLD IS DEAD El Sane Ken Silencer

I was asleep, when I heard the whoops that sane’s awake but when I woke I found sane dead And I cried… ‘The world is dead.’ Now a ghost Wandering, and I wonder Wandered and remembered That it might had been killed By over joyed- possibly! it died accidentally. ‘The world is dead.’ It died… Continue reading THE WORLD IS DEAD El Sane Ken Silencer

EARTH by Cletus Nnaemeka

She’s almost everywhere, dominating in quantity velvet-textured in every ware. she’s the heart of gravity. Docile, she’s ever been. Never hostile, she entertains the feet of every being. She sustains trees on which birds rock. Her services are free, she’s shelters’ bedrock. Often seen like a ‘thing’ She never grumbles even when kicked about like… Continue reading EARTH by Cletus Nnaemeka