A round of applause Standing ovation Cameras clicking The crowd cheering for me Award-winning author, all eyes on me Fashionably dressed Drenched in perfume Flushed with success Bathed with questions My sparkling white teeth A posh accent Impressive replies Chubby fingers Nicely buffed-up nails Phat handwriting I’m autographing books


Disjointed lines Tick-tocking heart Middle finger at the median Only gods know what the clock is saying Each beats valued like gold dust Sinked thoughts, I fear it rust So unclear like black obsidian glass A look in the mirror Blurred thoughts of terror Shuffling intents lacking tenor Living ghost I see like horror Rain… Continue reading DISJOINTED THOUGHTS 


Our dreams painted around walls Our souls, in kingdom of darkness we fall Our fake smiles die Our lips re-painted with lies In an empty pit we drown For our stories unknown, Our lives been complicated As for our knowledge implicated, For our thoughts roar Our dreams in piles like towers Our feet cradle as… Continue reading OUR EVERYTHING

TELL DEATH (a poem for Festus Iyayi and Mandela)

He will come. Sure he will Like a NEPA official with his ladder To collect remuneration for last months’ NEPA bill, The bill for an epileptic power supply which was never used to our fill Sure he will come to confiscate our life-wire For the thief cometh only but to steal and kill. …Every fear… Continue reading TELL DEATH (a poem for Festus Iyayi and Mandela)


I wanted to kiss the clouds So up I went climbing Deferring the porcupine hugs of the mountain To shine like the North Star I wanted to see the ocean’s birth So I grabbed my rudders And listened to the wailings of sea gulls Cast amulets on my vain soul I wanted to be ahead… Continue reading DESIRES