You hasten unto the grim hour When roses wilt and tastes turn sour And rhetorical gasps escape your lips In wonderment of the ill eclipse And all that was once fair goes in reverse Anon, good diminishes and bad becomes worse The scorching stars fall after the moon collides The remnant of desolation the Apocalypse… Continue reading APOCALYPSE


All were at ease Oblivious of what fate planned; Birds of the air were at peace, Trees of the hills were calm, Pedestrians walked with zest… The inhabitants were unaware Of the executioners penchant for homicide They laid their yearnings for regicide at rest. But heirs and co-heirs were like sacrificial lambs slain, Adorned houses… Continue reading TEARS OF AGONY


We dwell in a land Where the cruel do not desist from their cruelty Human conscience is sold for a piece of bean cake And the masses gather to share bones with dogs We dwell in a land Where some gather to have unity raped Heartless mortals throwing grenades of death Upon innocent souls living… Continue reading WE DWELL IN A LAND


I want to summon You, God. You must account for those swine! Will you, or must we use that rod? I want to summon You, God. Will You pay heed to where they trod? They fed on our spines, desecrated Your human shrines! I want to summon You, God. You must account for those swine!… Continue reading A TRIAL TRIOLET


  Imagine a world without discrimination; Where black and white speak of harmony Where no mouth pronounces ‘segregation’ Where all sing only the hymn of unity …the world is within us; Singing a song of harmony Day and night in our minds But we seek only vanity …the world is within us; Calling on us… Continue reading THE WORLD WITHIN


I’ve watched the sun rise and set, morns and eves Its orange display would hold me captive Blissful breeze emanating from surrounding trees Blows tenderly, never throws sand on me. Those trees, timber farmers murdered for wood Once proud tall trees green with life and food Now unwillingly bow to the axe-men’s rage Silently weeping,… Continue reading GREEN LANDS

I, YOU, THEM AND US (of a nation apart)

Is this right? What did they write; Stop or stomp? .. Here we are at the pump: You hand us leaky bowls Ignoring our scowls They come with buckets; Our eyes roll in their sockets While they fill up. Why can’t we say stop? Oh, We can’t stop the lies For ‘We’ has many I’s.… Continue reading I, YOU, THEM AND US (of a nation apart)