Ije Uwa… The things we are leaving Are living in us… With our hands We ploughed our fields only To reap shame During planting… We toil in seasons Leaving our dreams to narrow At the pitiable stream Of our all fainting shadows Grasping our hoes… Dream left flying Earth kept drying Every man to his… Continue reading IJE UWA


Inside the cracked mouldy black pot Mother is cooking round stones Assured children think, “Soon the yam will be ready” The gaunt children who were once crying Are playing with one another Shooing away the hungry hens The pot begins crying Protesting the assault of the dying fire The fire itself smokes lazily down Its… Continue reading THE CAGE


It was another horrible night pointed guns cracked gladly explosives disvirgined the air grumbling with destructive voices! Confusion raped moody sky as mortal souls fled with tears searching for a home to abort their fears! Every day and night the troops walk the streets with their tankers wearing the khaki color! Blood massaged the streets… Continue reading ECHOES IN OUR SOUL