Long I labored, this wind to tame Sowed all my hopes in earthly brains, Their faith wavered like candle flame; Away, hanging on the Night, plain! Promises I smoked like cigars. Like pooch, I enjoyed sniffing words, Wagged my tail for pompous liars And now they have my ire incurred. Foolish me! The fault bears… Continue reading DISAPPOINTED


The cock’s clarion call The sparrow’s proclamation, The gradual total overthrow of darkness Welcome morning! Light? Of hope or illusion? A twenty-four-wheeled vehicle: What a relief! It’s thundered and roared past Past to return no more Its passengers, sorrows and bitterness Conductor, disappointment Why peer into the darkness? Why sniff the bitter trail of that… Continue reading THE REALISTIC DRIVE

SALTY PEARLS…(when failure comes calling)

I have wanted this More than The barren hag Craved The feel of sucking lips On the nipples of her wilted, Virgin breasts. Wanting, My nerves have rippled Like the ired pond Protesting The forceful entry Of Mr. Frog Leaping into its waters. Have I not prayed Even as sin Dilutes my tottering faith; But… Continue reading SALTY PEARLS…(when failure comes calling)