Iroko has fallen in the forest The forest becomes silent Mongudu is dead. Who shall pay the debt? The king of the jungle died In the quest of freedom Who shall then roar like the king? The sun has faded to bring us night Who shall light our path? To claim our freedom right


  Did they say you won’t see tomorrow Claiming your life would be drenched in sorrow Tell them your warrior is drawing near Did they say you’ll get in trouble And all your worries would incessantly double Tell them they are the ones who should fear Who is he that makes your day frightening Tell… Continue reading YOUR WARRIOR


The red suns of the desert they rose among the belligerent clouds like gales of wind roaring through castle of sand tearing through the heart of Sambisa their windy steps rode gustily on caravan of times. They have the toes of the cactus piercing the flesh of the earth. We have seen flame of arson… Continue reading SONS OF THE SAHARA

3 CINQUANS (in memory of Fr. Albert Jungers)

#1. FR. ALBERT JUNGERS Father Albert Jungers Remains a hero, I will always cherish Him #2. FR. ALBERT JUNGERS Poet Simple, humble Guiding, tutoring, mentoring He was a reputable Wordsmith #3. TEARDROPS Teardrops Borne out of pain And the thoughts of missing A muse from whose inspirations I write *Fr. Albert Jungers taught me the… Continue reading 3 CINQUANS (in memory of Fr. Albert Jungers)

FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)

Things fall apart, the centre can no longer hold The living embers in the hearth have grown cold The Lion on the rock has gone beneath An Eagle has fallen by the Grim Teeth Petals of our Pride in frost lay Threnodies travel with the One on the Lost’s Way In cornucopias our wails abound… Continue reading FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)


I’m a living death: O, find me in the silent yard! Rustling with fury foliage There, where whines and groans unheard Chirpy azure, discharged mirth But under the sun, I long to slake; ‘Tis my dying soul with chilly breath I’m a cloud, lightning: no peal, no sound! Silently mourning with strange dirge O, I,… Continue reading LIVING DEATH


“We have been through many storms, fought many wars, and still face constant attacks. Through it all we shall not perish or fall, for we carry the future on our backs” “ ~ Relevant. We wept until blood rolled down There was no one to hold our hands As poverty and war wiped our tears… Continue reading OUR BATTLES

ECHE (a dirge for a dead brother) I sprawl under the grey umbrella of an avocado tree Counting time in the dull eyelashes of the sky, Watching the buffet of whirlwinds snore in gentle rhythms, And listening to the dumb shrills of my solitude. I sprawl here where my lone brother and I once sat And dreamt the dreams of rainbows,… Continue reading ECHE (a dirge for a dead brother)