Life is a sentence punctuated within; It ends. With Death’s sudden full stop The soul that ‘is’ becomes ‘has been’. Life is a sentence punctuated within, At points where none should be seen. No one can know who next it’ll lop. Life is a sentence. Punctuated within, It ends with Death’s sudden full stop. Written… Continue reading THE FULL STOP


Its about time of that darkened day They are again set to unfold scrolls Of wretchedness, deceit and lust Like insects that dances around street lamps What they seek, we give, our votes But what we seek, how fair have they been in giving? Must we always watch our hopes split like lips in winter?… Continue reading FATE


we feed the hungry fire with a log of wood and dance around fated resonance of gunpowder watching our dreams in the wrathful flames of stifled whims we walked through the acutes of capless grounds clothing the winds with wands of fates burying our fears in the graves of talking bones we surrendered our mortality… Continue reading SERENDIPITY…


The ghost of my yesterday keeps haunting me Endlessly as I struggle in mitigated perspiration To erase the memories of you. Every echo reminds me of ur suppressed giggles, As they flutters like butterflies . Some pasts are better not lived As they become a nagging stare to the present Show me a man without… Continue reading WHEN MEMORIES BECOME HISTORY


  Have you walked on your eyes In a land of thorns Beside a simplification That your instincts can’t process Except through the laughter That your hands smile at In a wilderness that Your legs could see through? Have you attended to a scent Afar off In concessions that build A respect that only your… Continue reading A BUSH OF GHOSTS