MUSIC by Joshua Levites

When the music plays We all shall feel it’s sexiness. All heads jiggling in rhythmic play, Legs trembling in fine pattern The tintinnabulation of bells shall marry the strings. Melodies begotten will be accompanied by smiles and cries shan’t surface. The notes will seduce, many will fall. And after it all ends – the euphoria… Continue reading MUSIC by Joshua Levites


  Rhythm from drums come calling out of earshot Stomping feet heard from faraway Singers humming tunes from the heaviest of hearts Tunes not strong enough to call out dancers The few that sway to this tune Sway to a dirge from strange times Caused by a leader overwhelmingly chosen For they said he has… Continue reading DANCERS


She dances like one possessed; Somebody should hold her. She dances, Causing ripples in the dust, Stirring up the ghosts of her past; Somebody should hold her Because soon, The angels of the earth will fall at her feet. She dances like the stormy seas, Like heaving bodies in the act of love She dances… Continue reading THE DANCER

MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)

 I love it more than food, it is my best nutrition It nourishes my thoughts and flourishes my meditation It whispers to my soul with the best of modulation Music is the compass that guides my navigation I follow its track because it points to the right direction It is my best companion, perfecting my… Continue reading MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)


Let the spirits get blinded by passion, And let the debris of crushed imaginations Kiss valediction not again. I think of my friends, For they are eternally in my mind. Their names ignite a piece to flames. Sing for us Showunmi Sing for your soul-friends. Our voice differs from your throat’s melody. Dance for us… Continue reading A POEM TO POETS


Brown earth, red ropes, Tongues rolling, white robes, Heavenly voices, Hands joined, chants, cries, Confusion. Ara orun ti t’ajo de** No sticks, no canes, No palm-leaves, No masks, This is not an Egungun*, Then astonishment. Ara orun ti t’ajo de** Maybe its a rite, Aimed at making things right, Or a ploy, To manipulate our… Continue reading WHITE MASQUERADES