Unstopped our tongue will be As long as they have decided To remain uncompromising In their decision not to bother About our plight Unstopped, we will continue To sing these words of Tribulation to their hearing As long as they remain Unbothered towards our plight Unstopped, these scarlet tears of ours Will flow on their… Continue reading UNSTOPPED

SALTY PEARLS…(when failure comes calling)

I have wanted this More than The barren hag Craved The feel of sucking lips On the nipples of her wilted, Virgin breasts. Wanting, My nerves have rippled Like the ired pond Protesting The forceful entry Of Mr. Frog Leaping into its waters. Have I not prayed Even as sin Dilutes my tottering faith; But… Continue reading SALTY PEARLS…(when failure comes calling)