IT WAS NOT EASY by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Judas had gave the detached troop a sign, that whoever he kiss Is the Jesus, And immediately they have Him cease, He whom Judas with a kiss endorse. Herod treated Him with contempt, Though nothing worthy of death has He done, All the people’s wants is His death; They all laugh Him to scorn. The… Continue reading IT WAS NOT EASY by Osoba Taiwo Peter


I was affixed by His right, on a tree. The Crucifixion was allotted for three. There, I gazed upon His eyes And knew He was crucified based on a lie. I was crucified on His left. This death bed, I detest. So, in rage I mocked Him Who they called The King of the Jews.… Continue reading MY LAST CHANCE


LORD how shall I own Thee dying on the cross For the world’s redemption to redeem our loss? Where with thorns they crowned Thee, I would see a rose Thy pierced hands uplifted raise us from our woes. Where the spear once entered Saviour draw me in, Let the blood and water cleanse me from… Continue reading CRUCIFIXION


When you tried to tame the tempest Turned from temper -tantrum Got tempted and tempered instead Turn around and tear the verdict. When heavily attired you run Unguarded and unaligned you prance Unprotected the crowd still cheers Turn around and quit. When the sow your neighbor becomes The Vulture your bosom friend be Yet the… Continue reading TIME TO QUIT

I KISSED THE HAND THAT KILLED ME (of unconditional love)

I kissed the hand that killed me. I washed the feet that kicked me. With my hair I dried your legs… Sweet ointments, I spread upon your chest. But you fed me scorpion tails, You my master-pieces. My creation of fate Mixed with love and peace. I shielded you from the Sun and watered your… Continue reading I KISSED THE HAND THAT KILLED ME (of unconditional love)