There, among the stars That glower round the Sun Is the Morning Star That brightens your lovely day… The nearest The biggest The dearest the sweetest The brightest The shiniest A unique star that brings You a rose from fields of thorns Give you hope, that still you can cope! It wouldn’t wander


Thunder strike upon my heart Fast breathe, five push per second Goose balls from your golden eyes… This metal should be on your left finger To scare lions and cheaters away Predestined by God to be together… Your beauty illuminates my mornings and Your smile quenches the stress of every evening Never cast your spell… Continue reading BE MY BRIDE


There were times When days were long And nights unending When seconds never ticked Nor minutes counted Hours endlessly far away Times when the days stood still And weeks planted Months unmovable And years unshaken Those were the times I lost love Those were the times I missed you

TO MY UNBORN by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Please come quickly Mummy awaits you Daily she prays fervently That her dream, of you, comes through Do not delay Mummy is so worried Her beauty fades away If only you knew her before we got married Yesterday your granny came around Called mummy many names Because you weren’t on ground Thank God I was… Continue reading TO MY UNBORN by Oku-ola Abiola Paul