REMINISCENCE (for Saro Wiwa)

The rope dangled His lifeless-body danced The executioner laughed The heavens shut eyes! Outside, we opened hands Pleading for his life and his friends’ We threw away dresses When it was obvious we’d lost! Seventeen years have gone by We’ve been here, hoping That the rain or sun would message us hope But nothing brings… Continue reading REMINISCENCE (for Saro Wiwa)


I. Some say, “As you pray for your own peace Remember your nation too, please.” And some mock, “Going Beatitude might soothe thee But the question is, will it ever heal thee?” And I answer, “Perhaps in the multitude of Beatitudes We may change some destructive attitudes!” But so many who have once fallen prey… Continue reading PRAYING PREYS

MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)

Its the best cloth in my closet, And what I like most about it Is its invisibility! Though when I wear it You cannot see it, It’s mystical, it’s good. Morals: My Mother bought it for me When I was old enough To know right from wrong. When I have it on I’m the people’s… Continue reading MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)


This is not just another fine day, For poets to be lyrically gay! Shall we not with pens our anger vent, Since our mandate they fail to represent? Yes we shall, for that is the only way That we, the powerless, can have our say! We are all crumbled, crumpled up and torn And a… Continue reading POETS AT WAR (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)


Samson Kukogho, your pen tears me like a dagger, And your verses cascade before me like a waterfall. Your rhymes put me in a fit of ecstasy, And your lines leave me in momentary fantasy. Pour me your libation, Feed me your thoughts, Lend me your sight, For I want to walk your path, The… Continue reading KUKOGHO IRUESIRI SAMSON (by Haruna O Abdullahi)


We fought and won so many battle with dignity But to corruption and sentiments, we lost our Humanity. It is time for us to knock, one after the other, The heads of them that dream against the order! For wasted and rusted is the state of our land Our dreams are rotten, long buried in… Continue reading WIND OF CHANGE (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)


The story started In perfect garden Eden Where Man and God never parted, Till the Serpent made the garden his den! An apple forbidden Was brought to Eve‘s eye. And they did eat, at Satan‘s bidding. Their eyes were open, but they were cursed to die! But God loved man. So he sent another Adam… Continue reading THE ADAM STORY

JOURNEY (by Fr. Albert K. Jungers)

At the Garden’s centre, two trees stood The journey of a lifetime goes from wood to wood. Always too easy, saints of later day Parents second guess, their faults gainsay. As if, by means of grace to them unknown We, of ourselves, their fate descry; Its doom escape, forbear to die, unscathed triumphant And with battle cry… Continue reading JOURNEY (by Fr. Albert K. Jungers)

A SALLAH RAM’S TEARS (by Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor)

I was held by throat And led To the slaughter slab, With a slap on my back! “Mee! Mee! Mee!” I cried out loud But tears won’t come! I know, it’s finished! I was bound, Hands and legs. And the serrated cutlass Shone on my face. My stubbornness fled. Alas, a blow will end it… Continue reading A SALLAH RAM’S TEARS (by Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor)


The crows of ignorance, Have eaten the last seeds of logic. The grave yard is the wisest Because intellect has been buried. As the wind of superstition, Sweeps clean the halls of ivory, Nay the intellectuals Clean the desk of politicians. The tone of the Nubian sage echoes a foreign voice. From the hill top,… Continue reading FUGITIVES OF KNOWLEDGE (by Nwakanma Chika)