MERCHANTS OF TRUTH: by Awa Chigozie Jerome

The people’s silence curled around a thorn caressing the walls of their tongues a caveat dressed in blood maiming their tongues with rods painted in colours of fire from bravery,their songs paid homeage to graveyards whistled serenades for the bones and elegies painted in white guarded the cemetry merchants of truth sell our minds like… Continue reading MERCHANTS OF TRUTH: by Awa Chigozie Jerome


The gunshot has been fired The athletes have left the mark too: The best was leading His joy approaching Suddenly, he is on the ground, Falling and rolling Ah! Someone pushed him… Thus is the present day Earth sinking deeper into bad waters And dark hands Who hold the knife And hold the yam, Where… Continue reading LET THE CLEANSING BEGIN


Here we stand, On this broken walls Hearts yawning with tears Waiting, until morning comes Our rancorous elites have no pity; We‘ve been battered and beaten By their men in starched khaki Though we are hungry and dying We dress our face with false smiles As our hopes are murdered, left for vultures to feed… Continue reading UNTIL MORNING COMES


My stance is cast, Pelt me with pebbles of hate Cast me in the armor of prejudice I shall remain the debris of my yesterday For the offspring of tomorrow Must not be awash by strangers’ drum beat My past is my today, The ancestors gaze down at me Faces endlessly stern I must not… Continue reading I WEEP BECAUSE…[2]