When allies degenerate into foes, then The heart evicts her denizen When the voice becomes a litany The swaying leaves lose their rhythm The hunter only hunts his bait From its shell, detaches the snail The ground trembles As the couple rumble Everything goes wrong Everybody mourns Life loses her savour Like sauce lacking flavour… Continue reading THE RIGHTFUL DENIZEN


The spirit of Kasala, Has come to town. Doors slammed, windows shut, Destruction looms, As a warhead booms. Danger screams aloud, At fainting hearts. Then, nightfall shambles in, As fear wears her makeup. Kasala! Evil phenomenon, Dancing wildly around our nation. Azonto in the north, Galala in the east, Suo in the west, And Yahoozay… Continue reading KASALA


As night draws onI get embittered,“Nothing has been achieved”.As morning draws onI hope night will never give way,“Each day is like yesterday”. As I try to be idle,I get scared,“Nothingness and emptiness is what it breeds”.As I try to get busy,I get discouraged,“It may end how it has always ended”. As I try to keep… Continue reading THE GRAND DILEMMA


They know who they are But can’t tell what they are They know their aim But at it they can’t aim I wonder! They’ve cleared their route On it, for once, they’ve never marched So nice a path for themselves they’ve cleared Afraid, their feet hesitate to tread I wonder! Rightly, to them, it does… Continue reading I WONDER


Go to; let us build us a tower, Bring the mortar and I’ll get the hammer, Brick after brick let us invade their heaven, Make the dough and I’ll sprinkle the leaven. Go to; let us come to haggle At Babel’s majestic mystic temple Let’s dance to the solemn cryptic beats As we offer our… Continue reading THE TOWER