IM(P)OSSIBLE Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! .. Failure: Fail Lure? Wail! .. Achievable: Achieve Able? Receive! .. Strive Thrive. STANZA 1: Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! *Here, I took a journey into the meaning of Impossible: IMP as a noun is a demon that has wings IMP as a verb means to give wings to someone or… Continue reading IM(P)OSSIBLE


We struck the earth with stainless deW. Emperors drawn swords, but we versed their wrath to fleE. Samson boasted of strength; but we conquered them with strong stanzaS. History states that Helen’s beauty caused war; but not us. Our bleeding ink subsided their wratH. Of all races, we’re the Trojans; the mighty irokO. Obloquy was… Continue reading WE SHOOK THE EARTH


Though I be An unpublished poem, Novel yet unwritten, Very much undefined, And word unspoken Still I am A symbol of hope! Though I be A rough diamond, Gold unrefined, Pool unstirred, Wet clay in potter’s hand Still I am A symbol of hope! I tell you; In wait sits the world, With earnest expectation,..… Continue reading SYMBOL OF HOPE