YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria

Gasping for breath… temperature rising… heart thumping Thud! Thud! Faster thud!! Thud!! Thud!!! Conflicting emotions… hazy figures… moving shadows Is that the sky? How come its looks so static, so flat so white? A heart piercing scream… excruciating pain… It’s unbearable, I can’t cope, I can’t do this But tiny hands, tiny feet, innocence, I have… Continue reading YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria


Is she still that naive? She’s still inexperienced? Does she know what she crave? I think she must be fenced. Who’ll stop this grown up child? She’s blindly going wild. Is her crude oil used up? That she drains in cup… Her children’s sweat and blood. To fuel her lamp; her world. Who’ll stop the… Continue reading THE GROWN UP CHILD


“The pill did not work Afraid am I Can’t carry this child Clear this Lest we meet our doom” Numbness cut into his heart Lust had stolen his conscience “Sister, we can sin no more To kill human” Words boiled in tears His walk started in the park Ended in the sea He was the… Continue reading BORN OF BLOOD