PRATTLE LIKE A RATTLE by Ewuola Damilola Michael

Blades clinging and shields clashing Bones breaking and soldiers stabbing Yet you prattle like a rattle While others labor and battle. Faces burnt by the sun’s scorching And palms torn from long swords clutching Yet you prattle like a rattle While corpses burn as the fires crackle. Women worn from crying Girls worn from raping… Continue reading PRATTLE LIKE A RATTLE by Ewuola Damilola Michael


So Sadly so their Souls So Sadly So Their souls Ours was a barrel of laughter that they will come home Our eagle eyes of tomorrow They could make our earth a heaven How come this vulture wears the eye of a dove? Our innocent children Their laughter and hope for their homes How come… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: SO SADLY THEIR SOULS


I hear voices calling from Sambisa “Help us! Help us!” The voices are so profound I couldnt sleep “Save us! Save us!” they plead Our futures and destinies are being destroyed Our pride, taken by force from us Our dignity trampled upon by common men “When will all these stop,” I ask “If we are… Continue reading HOPE FOR RESCUE


Ever seen a man who lost his soul? Left with his heart rigid like a stone His humanity can be seen, but through a hole His life, his seeds will live to atone He’s like a gastropod A yard away from his shell Sojourns without his conscience onboard Seeks for pleasure in itinerary of hell… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: SHALL WE WAIT STILL


Market women keep bargaining in my head every second, I breathe hate In death camp, no warmth Must my blood be propitiation? Am I not worth more than a bet? Patriotism or victimization Out of reach of my loved ones where exist a glow absent here No saviour is yet forthcoming to rescue me… somebody’s… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER