A STRANGER TO LOVE by Damilola Olumegbon

Tell me something, A tale I’ve never noticed, A perfect film story, With all the romantic glory, From the view of a spectator’s satisfaction, The one that creates certain imagination, A world without blemish, Where relationships are cherished, I’m a novice, A blind man to the spectacle, Tears of couples i know, Broken promises I’ve… Continue reading A STRANGER TO LOVE by Damilola Olumegbon

A WISP OF MEMORY: by Peter Jokoh

Fun filled days of my yesterpast How I wished it would forever last Thunders didn’t rumble when we met But something more than natural we did felt Back then when uniforms were compulsory Being together eased the worry Fate dropped a twig on your path Wasn’t your fault, just life’s unfair impact You told me… Continue reading A WISP OF MEMORY: by Peter Jokoh


Our love stole the moonlight Accustomed by the festive night, Submitting us into silence painting the pictures of Adam and Eve, Studying our body’s reactions. Fondling and kissing Admiring and caressing, The breeze and trees intensively paid minds on us, We had a rendezvous of our destiny inspiring each other, with smiles written in bold… Continue reading TOGETHER APART


“The truths I speak are not lies”. Those are the words your lips mould out. They run through my soul like gospel And put my body and soul at ease You turned me into a zombie With your sweet red tongue Our conversations were heavenly I bet the angels were listening. I used to say,… Continue reading EMPTY YOU