IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin

if the black doesn’t forgive there would be war forever if we don’t forget blood would paste our road if the black don’t believe to build faith admits molestation if they don’t………….. no white would walk alive if the black don’t forget how they hang our fore fathers if we don’t forgive how they forcefully… Continue reading IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin

ENDANGERED SPECIE by Emeyazia Iwediokpulu Chukwudi

The darker your skin The more suspicious you become I remember vividly while germinating They said the Devil is black. As if that isn’t satisfactory They came up with… Black-Panther,Black-Box,Black-Maria, Black-Market,Black-Chya,Black-Widow, Black-Friday and Black-Sunday. Is it a crime to be Black? If you’ve issues with my Colour Then go and ask Heaven, There is a… Continue reading ENDANGERED SPECIE by Emeyazia Iwediokpulu Chukwudi

A MAP OF AFRICA by Onisowurun Sampson

(I) I see them all The grey and concrete pillars of a continent The entrails of the yoked in spirit Sealed here and there over the land. I see the river courses I see the patterns of drowsiness at day’s end I see the crafty sons of black sit-tightism send Maledictions of a dreary hooting… Continue reading A MAP OF AFRICA by Onisowurun Sampson


We are Africans, the blacks, The integral part of your existence The origin of arts and innovations, Importers of your imaginations Blessed are the blacks unborn. Without The Blacks, Who buys your magic and witchcraft How can you feed and get clothed?. Racism must be stoned to death, When its day, The sun is always… Continue reading WITHOUT THE BLACKS


When I was born It should have been in Eurasia, way into the belly of China To see It’s walls that I hear stretches as far as eyes can see Even Chinese calligraphy too interests me But it was my birth and my choice So I choose Africa Here there are bricks and Sun enough… Continue reading AFRICANAH