Conflicting, confusing, contradicting Noisy sounds flying here and there wives nagging, children crying Cars honking, speakers blaring Confused world! Conflicting, confusing, contradicting Mother staunch christian, Dad strong muslim I fix it. You spoil it I sow good seed. You plant in weed Contradicting elements! Conflicting, confusing, contradicting Tribes clashing, religious extremists Opinions conflicting people politicking… Continue reading WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH


The journey starts A child is born! A bundle of joy; Tender, innocent and helpless! Who would believe that this one Had been at the loom in times past? Pretty baby, Sickly baby, Leader of tomorrow, Or, down-trodden in sorrow; Who knows? The music starts: For one, melodious tunes Beautiful dance steps Affluence all the… Continue reading LIFE LOOM