IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin

if the black doesn’t forgive there would be war forever if we don’t forget blood would paste our road if the black don’t believe to build faith admits molestation if they don’t………….. no white would walk alive if the black don’t forget how they hang our fore fathers if we don’t forgive how they forcefully… Continue reading IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin


In days gone, I was told None was black, none was white None was Franco, none was Anglo None chewed arrogance, none failed tolerance None brained nobility, none mocked religiosity…. We were all Sisters and brothers Young stuck to the old like bread to butter We took seats at full tables with smiles to down… Continue reading WE TOOK IN


O child of endless potentials farther than the horizon Let the iron-cap covering you thoughts fly away like a hopeless hawk Into the lifeless desert … It shall hover, until the earth stands still For inevitable, is your arrival Hearing your cries the forests mourn Your humiliation causes the sun to shed tears Upon your… Continue reading BLACK CHILD


Charcoal! I hear them call me. But unlike the coal, I’ve got beauty within. Black, that’s just the color of my skin. Cut me first, to know the color I will bleed. I am black and am proud. I’d stand out in a crowd. Call me a walnut! Liken my skin to its cover. But… Continue reading ROUGH DIAMOND


Bureaucracy of greedy county men Slaves of power Freedom of pain Shameful dark girls Resent the power of their language Discriminate the choices of their leaders Mock the original truth of their existence Dark girls who paint their masks with light torching colors Approved by soldiers of perfection Dark girls who reject the rich plate… Continue reading DARK GIRLS


For the world, unwillingly Africa toiled, not sparingly Like locusts in a leafy field Africans worked without sunshield The nations of progress Are the showcases of African process At heart is success Away from thought is ‘to mess’ Look at the Super Power They could have been lower Were it not for the African back… Continue reading BUILDERS OF THE WORLD