WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is offering promotional services to authors not published on our platform.

Do you have a published book you want the world to hear about? Are you an author in need of exposure? If yes, WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is here to turn the story around and put you and your book on the world literature map.

Below is the breakdown of the services covered by this offer:


  1. Amazon (Kindle)
  2. Lulu
  3. iBookstore/iTunes (Apple)
  4. Paperback Listing
  5. Createspace
  6. Amazon (US, UK, Canada, etc.)
  7. Konga (Nigeria)


  1. Author/Book profile feature on Authorpedia, our author and book resource platform
  2. Exposure to a 20,000+ strong dedicated audience across various social media platform

Aside from deductions made by the sales platforms/channels/e-bookstores, which is usually 25% of net profit for Amazon and 10% commission for, WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM (Ltd) is entitled to 0% of the author’s royalty. The author retains the copyright to the book, and has the right to ask for CANCELLATION with notice.

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM (Ltd) will ONLY promote the books distributed or listed on e-bookstores on behalf of authors, but will not be liable to claims regarding quantity of sales recorded as this is subjected to readers’ preferences.

***Note that we have other PAID SERVICES at affordable cost